Play Blackjack Online And Get An Unfair Advantage


Learn the basic rules of blackjack and start playing blackjack online.


Many experienced online casino gamers prefer blackjack to any other game available. Why? They feel that it is one of the best games available if you want to win serious money. The fact is that blackjack is one of the simplest casino games to learn, and one of the most rewarding both in terms of entertainment and pure adrenalin. Let’s have a look at Blackjack rules and how you can win playing online Blackjack at Park Lane Casino.



Playing Blackjack Online

Blackjack is a card game that you play against a dealer, not any other players. If you play blackjack in a real world casino the game is normally based on four standard decks of cards. But in an online casino Blackjack games can have as many as 300 decks of cards may be used to reduce the chances of a player getting an unfair advantage by counting cards. This is just one of the many differences you'll find in online casino Blackjack, but be aware that when you play Live Casino Blackjack here at Park Lane Casino, you get your advantage of only a few card decks back because you are playing against a real live dealer with real playing cards.

Blackjack is also sometimes called twenty-one. This is because the primary objective is to draw as many cards as you need to get to the number twenty-one. Playing cards count as their own numbers, except for court cards which count as ten and the ace which may count as one or eleven. But you may also win by getting a total score higher than the dealer, or by the dealer going bust.


Play Blackjack Casino Games

A blackjack round begins with the players that wish to participate places a bet on the square in front of their seat at the blackjack table. The dealer then draws two cards to each player. From this point on the player may draw or stand, always keeping the objective of getting as close to the number twenty-one as possible without reaching twenty-two or more. The dealer draws his or her first card immediately after all other players have received their first two cards. After all, players have finished their play, and thus either stands or has gone bust, the dealer draws the rest of his or her cards. And this will decide the outcome. If the dealer gets the highest number of all players, the dealer takes all the wages and the players get nothing. If any of the players manages to get a higher number than the dealer, without going bust, this player wins.


Blackjack is an extremely easy game to learn

Different Online Blackjack Rules For The Dealer

The thing to remember is that the dealer needs to follow a specific set of rules with regards to drawing his or her own cards. As at most casinos, Park Lane's dealers need to stand at 17 or higher and draw at 16 or lower. This brings some nice predictability to the game which experienced players know how to take advantage of. And that are the most important rules of the game. Extremely simple, and there are only a few extra rules to remember other than this. One of them has to do with the fact that if your two first cards are identical in number (two fours, two sixes, two jacks, etc.) you may split these two cards into two different and unique lines of bets by doubling your wages. This increases your probability of winning.


Online Blackjack "Insurance" Play

In addition to being able to split two identical cards, you may also double your bets by committing to getting one more card only. This can be good if your first two cards look like it may take another card without going bust. Typically a number like 12, 13,14 or 15. Some casinos (but not all) also offer what is called “insurance.” This in an option if the first card of the dealer is an ace. In the case that the dealer gets “blackjack” which is an ace and a court card or a ten, then the player who is insured gets two to one on the separate insurance bet. Many players feel that using insurance is not a very good idea, so if you feel like getting started with blackjack without learning about insurance you’re not risking too much.


Blackjack Strategies Are Simple

Blackjack strategy tableAs you can see, the blackjack rules are very simple and easy to learn. The good news is that when it comes to tips and strategies, they are very straightforward as well. At least the most basic ones, as we will not get into the art of counting cards right here! In a way, blackjack strategy is very easy. You just need to know when to stand and when to draw! Of course, we couldn't tell you with any precision here because it entirely depends on which cards have already be drawn and which cards are left in the decks. But if you want a good general guide, take a look at this table.

Another helpful strategy is that of “hard”, or aggressive, and “soft”, or conservative, hands. The first one has to do with all hands where there are no aces, or where the ace needs to count as one not to go bust. A soft hand is one with one ace where you still have the opportunity of letting the ace count as a one. Needless to say, soft hands can be played more aggressively than hard hands. You can read more about advanced blackjack as you go along, but the best tip is to just get started and earn as you go. You can also try playing online Blackjack for free a few times till you are more familiar with the game and our software. Then when you are ready, you can deposit real money to play Blackjack online for real money wins.


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