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Play live blackjack at Park Lane CasinoBlackjack is one of the most fascinating online casino games you can play. And live blackjack is by far the most exciting and realistic way to play blackjack online. The experience is better, the gameplay is better, and you stand to win more than in any other standard, software-based online blackjack game. If you’re interested in playing blackjack online you absolutely must try live dealer blackjack!


Play Real  Blackjack Online

Blackjack is an old favourite with roots all the way back in the Middle Ages. These days, blackjack is played with a regular deck of playing cards, but note that more than one deck is used. In a regular land-based casino Blackjack is normally played with four decks of cards. On the Internet, however, it is not uncommon for up to three hundred decks to be used because the virtual software allows for it. All players in a Blackjack game play against the dealer/the house. To play a game you simply sit down at the Blackjack table and make a bet. The dealer will give each player two cards and one card to themselves. Then it’s back to you, and you need to decide whether you want to get another card or “stand.”

Your objective is to get to the number 21, and the very best hand in Blackjack is an Ace and a court card. All numbered cards count as their own number, court cards count as ten, and the Ace counts as either one or eleven – all up to you depending on your other cards – if an eleven will bust you out, it counts as one. If not, it counts as eleven. And that’s all there is to it. It may sound incredible, but Blackjack really is that simple. If you get two similar cards, you may split your bet, and another option is the so-called “insurance” that you may buy under certain circumstances. But these two extras are completely optional, and many players prefer to avoid both insurance and splitting cards. The one thing to learn when it comes to blackjack is a strategy, and we’ll get a little into that as well. But let’s first see how live blackjack differs from a regular, software-based online casino blackjack games.


Live Casino Blackjack at Park Lane Casino 

When you play live blackjack, you play for "real" and win real money!A regular online blackjack game is driven by computer graphics. A live blackjack game is just that: Live. You’re looking at a real, human dealer that is standing in front of a real blackjack table in a state-of-the-art live TV studio that is equipped with the best casino equipment money can buy. Live blackjack, like any other live casino game, is a mix between the live TV feed and a software-based system that administrates the whole experience. When you make a bet, you do so via a small console on your screen. Everything is registered online by our servers. When the dealer draws a card, the card is passed over a small scanner that scans a barcode on that card. This is how the computer system automatically knows exactly which cards are dealt and who wins or loses each round.


Ultra Hi Tech Studio & Live Blackjack Chat

The integration between yourself, your computer, our computers, and our live studio works super-quickly, and the effect is that you feel that you’re sitting right in front of a real blackjack table. You feel that you’re in a real casino, playing a real game of blackjack. You can even hear sounds from the studio, including the voice of your dealer. If you want to, you may even live chat with the hosts and other players. Many of our players do, and they feel that this contact with the dealer is yet another advantage to playing live blackjack games . You get that social element that so many people look for. It is much more fun to play casino games like blackjack if you can chat with your opponents as well!


Live Dealer Blackjack Strategy

The rules of live blackjack are not that difficult to grasp. Strategy comes next, and takes a little linger to perfect. So far we’ve looked at how blackjack is played, plus given an introduction to how live blackjack differs from a regular online blackjack game. If you’re serious about your blackjack game, you’ll definitely get a lot more out of your game if you play live blackjack. And here at Park Lane Casino you have your choice of live blackjack rooms in the live casino game section of our site. Head over there to start playing, but let’s just talk a little about live blackjack tips and strategies. If you’re interested in in-depth strategic tips about blackjack, you need to do some research and read up a little. But some basic tips are important if you want to win in live blackjack:

  • First of all, set a limit to how much you’re willing to play for, and stop immediately after you’ve reached that limit. This is called your 'bankroll' and handling your bankroll is the key to successful, and happy, blackjack casino play.
  • Keep a blackjack strategy chart handy while you play. This will help you make quick, easy decisions when the pressure is on!
  • Always split when you have the chance. When you are playing with one or two decks of cards, the court cards are limited so you may not get a great hand if you split, but when you play blackjack online, you are playing with multiple decks. This means your chances of getting dealt court cards are much higher, so splitting simply means you get to double your winning chances.
  • Study other players' blackjack strategies. Blackjack is a strategy game and if you are new to the game, playing live casino blackjack offers you the opportunity to see how other, more experienced players handle tricky situations and the outcome for them. After all, each player at the Blackjack table is playing against the dealer, not each other, so you should be able to pick up a lot of new ideas to try in the live blackjack casino rooms.


Start playing live blackjack casino games at Park Lane and become a Blackjack King in no time!